2019 MA Visual Sociology Show – Residual Matters

Visual Sociology MA Exhibition

Friday 5 April, 5-10pm

5 – 10pm, St. James’ Church, Goldsmiths

METHODS LAB is always pleased to help support the annual shows put on by the MA Visual Sociology students. This year the course – Social Research for Public Engagement, convened by Michael Guggenheim  – explored the theme of waste.


What does waste mean to you?

MA Visual Sociology students will be showing sensory material from their research projects into the concept of waste.

‘Residual Matters’ will present twenty-five different approaches to the topic. From waste words to waste plant species, wasted space to wasted emotion, the exhibition will stimulate conversation around what exactly waste can be.

In 1966 Mary Douglas defined waste as ‘matter out of place’. How useful is this formula for configuring waste in our lives in 2019?