FEEL TANK: Disenchantment in Research

19th March, 2021, 3pm – 4.30pm
Online event.
Free all welcome.

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with Chloe Turner

‘Feel Tanks’ (a spin of ‘think tank’) derive their name from one cell of a larger group known as the Public Feelings Project which operated from the conviction that ‘understanding affective investment can be the a starting point for theoretical insight into the workings of capitalism, racism and sexism within power structures.’ (Cvetkovich, 2007)

Through over a dozen workshops, seminars and lectures, Chloe Turner has been using ‘Feel Tanks’ as both intellectual enquiry and call-to-arms, broadening both the theoretical and practical scope of what it means to live under capitalism in the current moment.

In the continuing struggles of global conservative government, pandemic ‘new normal’ living and the increasing instability of arts and humanities funding, how can we navigate the dis/enchantment of being a researcher at this time? How can we try to find enchantment amongst the dis/enchantment and bring into focus the academic space we want to be apart of?

A space where we gift our labour to each other as opposed to institutions, co-create the spaces to weather the coming disasters and mobilise a resistance that centres pleasure and joy.

This workshop is discussion-led and open to all postgraduate students and non-academic researchers. You do not need to be affiliated with Goldsmiths, University of London to attend.

There will be a cap of 20 attendees in total.


This workshop will take place on Zoom.

On the day of the event, Chloe will email out a Zoom Link and Meeting ID/Password to the email account that you sign up to this Eventbrite session with.

There is no need to bring anything but yourself.

If anyone has any access requirements, technical questions or would like any clarifications on the format of the workshop, please feel free to message me before hand.

Chloe Turner is a writer, curator and current PhD candidate in the the Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Department, at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her work navigates critical creative explorations at the intersection of feminism, queer/ transgender theory, critical race theory, design justice and visual culture. Since 2018, Chloe has designed and held over a dozen

Feel Tank workshops, seminars and lectures, both in the UK and internationally, with many more planned for 2021 and after.

More information about these sessions can be found here: www.chloeturner.info