How to do sociology with….

The initial ‘How to do sociology with….” event was organised by Beckie Coleman and Noortje Marres and held in March 2015 during a postgraduate open day at Goldmiths.

The event brought together a range of staff and postgraduate students to give short talks on the materials, media, objects and devices that they practice sociology with – from buildings, to film, to music, to costumes.

It was a vibrant, diverse and lively event that showcased the breadth of research being undertaken in the department, including:

Bells and whistles | Aidan Kelly
Big Data | Evelyn Ruppert
A Building | Marina da Silva
Coffee | Jess Perriam
Costume | Kat Jungnickel
An Experiment | Michael Guggenheim
Film | Nirmal Puwar
A Mango | Alex Rhys Taylor
Music | Les Back
Postcards | Beckie Coleman
Words | Mariam Motamedi-Fraser

All of the initial series is here.