How to do sociology with…glitter

Dr Beckie Coleman (Sociology, Goldsmiths) and Dr Jayne Osgood (Education, Middlesex)

Wednesday 28thNovember, 14.00-17.00, Laurie Grove Baths 107

Glitter is ubiquitous. From crafting to make-up, vagazelling to glitter bombing, fashion to fish, glitter is everywhere. Glitter also gets everywhere. It sticks to what it is and isn’t intended to, and travels beyond its original uses, eliciting affects and emotions from delight to irritation.

In this workshop, we worked with glitter to explore what it does, materially and affectively. We will ask how we might cultivate methodologies with it, and what these might do to sociological research.

It was part of the How to do sociology with…series, which explores how we do sociology with specific materials, media, devices, objects and atmospheres, and what happens when these things become the focus of our attention.