*NEW* Methods Lab SERIES

2021 marks the launch of our new MULTI-FORM (not-only-books) PUBLISHING SERIES that builds on and expands Goldsmiths’ Methods Lab’s commitment to pioneering critical and creative research practices in and beyond academia.

Rebecca Coleman, Kat Jungnickel & Nirmal Puwar
PUBLISHER: Goldsmiths Press


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Methods Lab new MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PUBLISHING PLATFORM fosters experimental open-ended approaches to studying and intervening in the social world.

  • ML is committed to critical and creative practice research and new forms of publishing in response to content


  • We recognise the need for new modes and models of doing and circulating experimental social research, which can encompass a mix of formats as appropriate to the aims of the research.


  • Through re-purposing and borrowing from inside and outside the academy, we aim to stretch the walls of disciplinary scholarship.


  • The new ML series promotes research, practice and publishing.


  • It is grounded in the idea that it is imperative for researchers to not only undertake high-quality work but also to challenge a reliance on standardised, text-based dissemination.


  • Valuing the dynamic relations between methods and publishing opens up the opportunity to experiment with ways of doing reliable and robust research, and connecting inventively with a diverse becoming of publics.


  • The series will include, although is not limited to, rapid and open formats, short interventions into a field (such as flash-fiction, booklets, graphic guides) documentation and reflection on research process and practice, and a revitalisation of the essay, as well as books with longer and more sustained arguments.


  • We are keen to find (print and digital) formats that are appropriate to the problems and tasks researchers pose and audiences we engage and work with.


  • We are committed to supporting and facilitating work from early career as well as established scholars.


We welcome project proposals:

  • with  openness, sense of risk and desire to learn from new forms of practice in and outside academia


  • willing to raid conventional tools and sites, remixing and remaking them to explore and experiment with responsive, moving and vital ways of understanding and shaping social worlds


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